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We use CNC machines | Turning services on metal materials | Repeatability and precision in the production of parts

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Metgalex Janiak Sp. J. is a company with over 60 years of history. We are a metalworking company. We provide CNC turning and milling, stamping, welding, laser cutting and bending services. The implemented ISO quality system guarantees the highest quality of products.


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Construction of a new production hall

We have started the construction of modern production facilities

We are monitoring the progress of construction works


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Precise CNC machining robot

New hardware purchase - a precise CNC machining robot

We develop modern technologies




CNC turning servicesProfessional metal processingManufacturing of any metal elements

CNC Turning | Metgalex | Over 60 years of experience

Turning with numerically controlled machines - a combination of machine precision and professional supervision

Metal processing:

We provide CNC turning services on metal materials

One of the machining methods we use is CNC turning. The turning method based on numerical control allows for the production of parts that are characterized by high precision and repeatability. This makes it possible to manufacture any number of identical metal parts. At Metgalex, we have over a dozen CNC machines which we use to create the ordered products. Our specialists supervise the CNC turning process, guaranteeing the highest quality of our parts.

Advantages of CNC turning:

  • precision and repeatability of performance,
  • the possibility of producing a large number of identical parts.

Contact data

Metgalex Janiak Sp. J.

62-300 Września, ul. Akacjowa 11

phone: +48 614 367 114

Opening hours:
Mon. - Fr.: 6.00 - 14.00

VAT No.: 7891717771
EU VAT: PL7891717771
REGON No.: 300988114

Bank account:
PLN: 50 1050 1852 1000 0092 2751 3877
EUR: PL 38 1050 1852 1000 0092 2919 6267

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