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12 eccentric presses | One hundred-ton hydraulic press

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Metgalex Janiak Sp. J. is a company with over 60 years of history. We are a metalworking company. We provide CNC turning and milling, stamping, welding, laser cutting and bending services. The implemented ISO quality system guarantees the highest quality of products.


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News and information

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Construction of a new production hall

We have started the construction of modern production facilities

We are monitoring the progress of construction works


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Precise CNC machining robot

New hardware purchase - a precise CNC machining robot

We develop modern technologies


We offer cutting, bending

Drawing and punching

We makethe toolsrequired for the production of pressed products

Cold pressing | Hot pressing of steel elements

Most processes are carried out on presses and benders

Own tools:

We are able to make the tools needed to produce various bent or pressed products.

Pressing is a cold or hot forming process used in Metgalex, as a result of which we can obtain any desired shape of a given product. During pressing, we use our machines, and we have, among others 12 eccentric presses with a pressure of 15–200 tons and one hydraulic press with a pressure of 100 tons. We also make dies and presses ourselves. Such facilities allow for the production of products of any shape ordered by our customers.

  • 12 eccentric presses with a pressure of up to 200 tons
  • 1 hydraulic press with a pressure of 100 tons
  • Our home-made dies and presses

Contact data

Metgalex Janiak Sp. J.

62-300 Września, ul. Akacjowa 11

phone: +48 614 367 114

Opening hours:
Mon. - Fr.: 6.00 - 14.00

VAT No.: 7891717771
EU VAT: PL7891717771
REGON No.: 300988114

Bank account:
PLN: 50 1050 1852 1000 0092 2751 3877
EUR: PL 38 1050 1852 1000 0092 2919 6267

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